Northbound Shipping

Shipping Packages or Complete Households North to the USA

Whether you have an entire household or 5 boxes we know the process which differs on load size. We can help you move back to the USA, quickly and easily. We can also help you with simply 1 package as well.

Even if you had a friend leave a suitcase, phone or tablet down here while visiting, we can help get it home.

As simple as it may seem to use DHL or similar and as quickly as they will tell you what you want to hear and take your money, do not use DHL for international shipping north or south. I can tell you countless stories of items ending up in customs, held hostage in both directions.

Count on us to get it right the first time. We also offer packaging and complete packing materials for the do it yourselfers.

We offer several different options depending on your load, timing, and budget.


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Protect your home and precious possessions