Insurance Services

We have partnered with company called Baja Bound in San Diego.

I have used this option for my personal vehicles for over 20 years, have been hit in my car by another car more than once and my car was fixed, and the claim paid in a timely manner. And that is a concern as most local drivers although required by law to have insurance most do not. If you are in any type of a car accident here in Baja sur and you do not have insurance your car will most likely be impounded until further notice.

Side by sides are a dime a dozen here these days, especially on the East Cape. Lately there have been a rash of thefts. You can and should insure those toys but they must be registered with a license plate from the USA to do so. And we can help with that also, see our South Dakota registration page

As we all know this area is vulnerable to hurricanes and if you were here in 2014 for Odile, like I was I don’t need to tell you what can happen. Home insurance is available for this, but you must buy it before hurricane season starts on June 1st.