Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you have questions and that getting your mail, packages, house hold goods and vehicles all the way down the Baja can be a bit daunting. That’s why we’re here. Our mission is to make it as easy and least confusing as possible for you. Take a look at the FAQ’s and if you still have questions just give us a call.

Can you ship my entire household, all my furniture, plates, clothes and everything else down from the USA?

Yes we can and are true experts in the process. We have a very long list of references we would be happy to share with you of local clients from Los Barriless to Cabo to Todos Santos.

How often do you bring things down the Baja from San Diego?

Historically and currently we bring between 2 and 5 trucks weekly with 53′ trailers depending on volume.

Can you ship my car from Baja Sur to the USA or vice versa?

Yes we can and do it all the time. To provide a quote we need to know if it runs and is currently legally registered, the precise pick up and delivery addresses, the make mode and year, if it will be empty or have personal items or merchandise inside and your preferred timing.

Why does it cost me $25 usd to send a $10 usd item?

Just as DHL, UPS and Fed-Ex have minimum fees for shipping and handling, so do we. With warehouses in SD, TJ and Cabo plus our own staff of close to 100, our own trucks and all of the expenses that go along with these, our minimum fee is $25 usd. However if you bundle your orders and send us all of your invoices on the same day to reach about $95 usd, the 28%-30% applies instead of the minimum fee, so bundle your orders on the same day.

Can we send used personal items from the USA to Baja Sur?

Yes you can, we require the size of the box(es) and a clear complete list of the contents in order to generate an estimate for the shipping and handling. Please do not include new items as used items to avoid duty fees, that is tax evasion and you can have your package confiscated by customs.

Where is my shipment, the tracking indicates it was delivered to the San Diego warehouse already?

We do not provide tracking information, it is not factored into our fees. It is usually takes 10-14 days to reach MBTS and then we notify you upon it’s arrival.

Why is my shipment late, you said it should take 10-14 days and it has been 16 now?

The most common reasons for delay of your packages are;

A. We never received your invoice and with Mexican Customs it is required as indicated in our terms and policies documents.

B. The address was used incomplete or incorrectly.

C. There was a national holiday on either side of the border which caused a delay.

Can we have the seller (Amazon for example) just put the invoice in the box instead of sending it to you by email?

Yes you can but your invoice is required by us by email from you before the package arrives in San Diego.

How long does it take for my packages or mail to get from your SD warehouse to Baja Sur?

It takes about 10-14 days depending on a few variable, primarily which day of the week your items arrive. Ether way we shoot you an email to notify you of it’s arrival at the store.


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