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Auto Transport Pre-Check list
To speed up the quote process please make sure you have this information available:

  1. Your name and email, Phone number helpful but optional:
  2. Make, model and year.
  3. Does it run?
  4. Does the A/C work?
  5. Does it have a spare tire with air?
  6. Is it currently registered?
  7. Will it have personal or new items inside
  8. What is your preferred time frame?
  9. Where is it now and where do you want it delivered to:
  10. If we drive it south or north for you, there can be personal contents inside, does this interest you as the cost is usually the same and we cover 
  11. Does the vehicle have USA insurance and Mexican insurance?

We offer door to door service. After 35+ years of driving the Baja end to end with over 300 trips logged each direction, I know a thing or two about that road. Also have made a lot of good friends along those journeys. In the last 2 years alone, we have moved over 200 vehicles, golf carts and side by sides.

With literally hundreds of references, I can share some with you if you like before we make your reservation.

What I can tell you is that most of my clients who inquired with us transporting their vehicle to or from Los Cabos, Todos Santos or the East Cape from the USA o reverse, but decided to drive instead, contacted me afterwards and said they would not be doing that ever again.

The drive down Baja is not for everyone, the road is narrow with no shoulder at all in most places. There are about 200 miles with nothing but cactus and rocks, no cell service, the truckers will use your lane around sharp turns, much to you surprise and you will be sharing the road with cattle, goats, and deer. Basically there are a lot of do’s and don’t’s.

I have a couple of options if you are not up for the adventure or simply want to save time. We can pick up your vehicle from any address in the USA. Options are as follows:

  1.  We pick up your vehicle from your home or office in the USA with a hauler then deliver to our warehouse in San Diego where it goes inside a 53’ enclosed and secure trailer. We deliver it to Cabo then either you pick it up at our Cabo Plaza San Lucas, Walmart location or we get it to your location.
    For this option the vehicle may not have any personal contents. We can package and ship personal contents with an additional fee. This can take 2-3 weeks currently depending on your p/u location.
  2. We simply fly to your city, meet you at the airport and drive the car back. This is by far the most popular option because you can fill that vehicle with new or used personal items and we can get it across the border and deliver to you. With this option there a few details but again it is the most common. For example, this takes 2 days from San Diego to Los Cabos.

Both options exist basically the same for getting vehicles north. You may email us for a quote and when we drive, we cover fuel, our flight, and hotels, we give one simple number. 

All golf carts, side by sides and atv’s are transported and can be enclosed the entire trip if you desire.


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