Cabo San Lucas

Located at the Walmart Plaza San Lucas by the banks with accessibility in and out to either direction on the highway and 1,000 plus free parking spots. 

Weekly Delivery
Nothing Too Big or Small.

Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.
Telephone USA 619-272-9500 Mex 624-123-7458

Cabo San Lucas Store

We SPECIALIZE in getting your stuff to you, as fast as humanly possible. We can handle your mail, move your household or car and will send and receive packages for you. We have trucks going to and from San Diego from Baja Sur every week. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

Inside our location we rent mail boxes providing you with a San Diego street address, not a P.O. box. Weekly, we ship your mail, appliances, furniture, automobiles, tires, cars, side by sides, medications etc. to our 4 locations. Basically, you name it and we have probably shipped it more than twice before. We also offer partial or complete household moving from anywhere in the USA to Baja and the reverse.

As you probably know we have locations in Los Barriles, Todos Santos and Los Cerritos, since 2018. We are clearly not new to the business and pride ourselves on high quality, fast communication and the very best customer service available in Baja Sur.

When we receive mail or packages for you in the store, we automatically send you an email notification.

We also offer delivery for large or heavy items directly to your front door or inside placed where you like, and if we need to store your packages or furniture for a bit, we are prepared to do that as well.

You may order just about anything on-line, have it shipped to our new San Diego address, and historically provided it is addressed correctly and invoices have been received, we will have it here in the store about 10-14 days later with the current bureaucracy at the border.


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Protect your home and precious possessions