Todos Santos Mail and shipping

How Does Sending & Receiving Mail Work?

There’s a few important things to know:

First, please know that we try to make it as simple as possible to understand the process. That being said, going across an international border requires time, preparation and some cost.

There are different fees depending on how long you want to rent a mailbox with us. If you just want to send one package, we can help you with that too.

There is a proper way to address your packages if you use our services. This is SUPER important. Please contact us to receive the correct shipping info.

Other Things to Note

You must provide a VALID invoice for all package contents via email, before we receive it in San Diego. This is so customs knows the value of the item. If we don’t have this, it will delay your package and customs will assign whatever value they choose. This will cause you to pay a higher customs fee.

Fees above do not apply to very large or commercial items – please contact us about these things.

Special fees apply to gifts and replacement items also.

Medications received from co-pay insurance are a flat rate, and documentation is required. Call to confirm if you have a doubt you qualify for this.

If you need packages and mail sent from Baja up North, we can help with that too.

Need Help with Something Else?

We also ship entire households, cars, ATV’s, boats (really vehicles of all kinds) and can help you register your car in South Dakota. If you need help with that let us know!

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