Todos Santos Mail and shipping

Basic Process

This is a complete first class service that we offer, where “hands on care” is provided for your worldly possessions 100% from start to finish. This process is for non-new items only; new items require an invoice and fall into the regular category of shipments where a flat fee for duty and shipping apply. All shipping to Baja California Sur originates from our warehouse in San Diego.

Historically an accurate list is provided by you as described below and an ESTIMATE is generated. Your estimate is not only based on volume it is based on contents and man hours of handling. It is simply an estimate because quite often what is described on this list and what actually arrives in our warehouse in SanDiego are not always the same. When we have the items in the warehouse in SD, we inventory and compare that to the list. We also confirm things are packaged properly for the transport. Both of these determinations can affect the final cost, which can only be confirmed when the items have arrived. After cost is agreed on and a deposit is made your load leaves SD to Todo Santos.

Once your load is received in our Todo Santos warehouse, then it is inventoried again, and then loaded into a smaller truck. With an appointment we will drive to your home, unload, unpack and place everything where you like. Afterwards we load all the packing rubbish and haul it off.

Accurate Lists = Accurate Quotes

The manifest process is as follows: We need a complete master list of the numbered boxes listed and a brief description of contents. For example, Box #1:Kitchen items, Box #2 Bathroom items and so on. If you have furniture, beds, tables etc. photos and or measurements are very helpful and those items need to be on the list as well please. Basically the more accurate the list, the more accurate the estimate we can provide.

The best advice we can give you to avoid any surprises is to pack things well and be as accurate as possible with your list. There are no special permits or hidden fees on this type of shipment. It is strictly freight and once we have your list we will provide an estimate in about 24 hours.

We are very happy to help you and can provide dozens of references upon request.
~ Terry Gray Curtis

Need Help with Something Else?

We also ship entire households, cars, ATV’s, boats (really vehicles of all kinds) and can help you register your car in South Dakota. If you need help with that let us know!

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