May 7, 2019

Baja Mail & Shipping

Welcome to our new and 3rd location, we will soon be opening a new facility in Walmart Plaza with mail box rentals.  Better prices and much better service than you may be accustomed to in Cabo plus 1,237 FREE parking spaces with super easy access.  Do your shopping at Walmart and pick up your packages or mail with one stop and avoid the congestion of downtown.  Currently we are delivering packages, merchandise, vehicles, furniture and entire households from San Diego to Los Cabos with 2-5, 53′ trailers weekly.  We will offer the same first class service to you in Los Cabos as we do in our other 2 Mail Box locations, Mail boxes Los Barriles and Mail Boxes Todos Santos, where we currently service over 1,000 clients.  Our parcel rates are very competitive at 26% with your mail box rental and you need not rent a mail box to receive mail or packages.  We will even help you change your address on-line in our store at Walmart Plaza.  Terry Gray Curtis at tel Mex 624-151-5530 or USA 310-272-9500

Customer service is the #1 priority.

We transport all cars, trucks, ATV’s, UTV’s, boats, trailers and motorcycles, new and used, North and South. We also offer 2-3 day rush delivery to or from San Diego, in addition to delivery to/from anywhere in North America, call Terry Gray Curtis for details @ 310-272-9500.
Are you planning to move your home and life to B.C.S? We will transport your entire household of furniture from our 10,000 sq. ft. facility in San Diego to anywhere in BCS. Our team of professionals will unpack, place in your home and haul the trash away. We are true experts in this field and have a long list of satisfied clients. Call for an estimate.
You may have your packages shipped from our San Diego street address to either of our locations or have delivered to you in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose or La Paz weekly.
We process your title transfer and or new registration in South Dakota. You may pick up your plates, registration and title at either of our locations Los Barriles or Todos Santos.

     Terry Gray Curtis, at your service. 

Mex Cel 624-151-5530 USA 310-272-9500