May 7, 2019

Cabo Freight

Welcome to our new division, interestingly I have been a full time Cabo San Lucas resident for the last 31 years but chose to open in Los Barriles and Todos Santos before Cabo.  Currently we are delivering packages, merchandise, vehicles, furniture and entire households from San Diego to Los Cabos with 2-5, 53′ trailers weekly.  We offer the same first class service to you in Los Cabos as we do in our other 2 Mail Box locations, where we currently service over 1,000 clients.  We can deliver to your location or you may pick up at our Pedregal office.  Our parcel rates are very competitive at 26% of your invoice. Call me direct, Terry Gray Curtis at tel Mex 624-151-5530 or USA 310-272-9500, cabofreight@gmail.com


We transport all cars, trucks, ATV’s, UTV’s, boats, trailers and motorcycles, new and used, North and South. We also offer 2-3 day rush delivery to or from San Diego, in addition to delivery to/from anywhere in North America, call Terry Gray Curtis for details @ 310-272-9500.
Are you planning to move your home and life to B.C.S? We will transport your entire household of furniture from our 10,000 sq. ft. facility in San Diego to anywhere in BCS. Our team of professionals will unpack, place in your home and haul the trash away. We are true experts in this field and have a long list of satisfied clients. Call for an estimate.
You may have your packages shipped from our San Diego street address to either of our locations or have delivered to you in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose or La Paz weekly.
We process your title transfer and or new registration in South Dakota. You may pick up your plates, registration and title at either of our locations Los Barriles or Todos Santos.

                                                                                                     Terry Gray Curtis, at your service.     

                                                                                               Mex Cel 624-151-5530 USA 310-272-9500


                           We offer furniture, households and packages from San Diego – Los Cabos delivered weekly to your house or our Pedregal office.

                                                                                                         Shipping and Receiving Policies

                                                                                                                 Effective June 1, 2019

                                                 *The fee for packages received is 26% of invoice minus tax or shipping; please send the invoice to:


                                                                Please note: Minimum charge for packages is $25. Delayed receipt of your VALID

                                       invoice can cause delayed delivery.  An INVALID invoice can cause seizure of your items by Mexican Customs.


                                                                                                               Our address for packages:

                                                                                                                          YOUR NAME

                                                                                                         9948 Via de la Amistad Ste. LCSF

                                                                                                                    San Diego, CA 92154

                                                                         Please include the LCSF in your mailing or shipping address, otherwise

                                                we cannot guarantee delivery and you must email us the invoice as soon as you send the package.

                                               *The fee for packages does not apply to all items such as tires, large quantities or commercial items

                                                                                            requiring a factura. Contact us in advance for a quote.

                        *If you do not provide an invoice the Mexican Customs will declare a value and LCSF cannot be responsible for their assigned value.

                                                                                       *To receive gifts, or replacement items, fees are still incurred.

                                                  *Medications received from co-pay insurance, are a flat rate of $35.  Call to confirm if you have a doubt.