Mail Boxes Los Barriles

Costa Brava in front of Residences Bahia
Office Tel 624-247-3203

Terry Gray Curtis, at your service. We offer mail and
packages from San Diego – Los Barriles delivered weekly.

Shipping and Receiving Policies
Effective April 1, 2019

  1. *The fee for packages received with mail box rental is 30% of
    invoice minus tax or shipping; please send the invoice to:
  2. Please note: Minimum charge for packages is $25. Delayed
    receipt of your VALID invoice can cause delayed delivery to
    Los Barriles. An INVALID invoice can cause seizure of your
  3. items by Mexican Customs.
  4. Our address is the same for packages and mail:
  • 9948 Via de la Amistad Ste. MBLB
  • San Diego, CA 92154

Please include the MBLB in your mailing or shipping address, otherwise we cannot guarantee delivery.

  • * If you do not rent a mail box we will still be happy to receive
    your packages addressed as indicated above with a fee of 32%
    on packages.
    *The fee for packages does not apply to all items such as
    tires, large quantities or commercial items requiring a factura.
    Contact us in advance for a quote.
    *If you do not provide an invoice the Mexican Customs will
    declare a value and MBLB cannot be responsible for their
    assigned value.
    *To receive gifts, or replacement items, fees are still
    *Medications received from co-pay insurance, are a flat rate
    of $35. Call to confirm if you have a doubt.
    *We can send your mail north as well for a tiny fee!

Mail Boxes Los Barriles, Box Rental Prices
1 mailbox for up to 4 names (at time of rental): $165 for 12
months. Same for 3-6 months is $20 per month.


  • Hello, I am sending an envelope from Canada to your San Diego address. Afterwards would like to forward it to your Los Barriles location for pick up. It is just a replacement driver’s license. I will send you the shipping/tracking information (for package to San Diego) to you once it is shipped. Reading your website, I’m not too clear on how much money I will owe and how you prefer payment. Please let me know. I’d be happy to stop by there tomorrow and drop off the required fees. Thanks!

    • Hello Kevin ! Thanks for being in touch with us ! We will send you an e-mail when your package arrive to our Los Barriles store. it take 7 to 10 days after it gets our San Diego address and you can pay when you pick it up at our Los Barriles Store. A member of our team will contact you today.


  • Hi, I just recently messaged regarding an envelope being shipped to Los Barriles. I have shipped the envelope via FedEx from “Richard Duff, 3710 68A St, Camrose, Alberta, T4V5B7, Canada” to “MBLB/Kevin Duff, 9948 Via de La Amistad, San Diego, CA, 92154, USA”. The tracking number for the shipment is 7869 6684 9602. Please let me know when/how I can pay.

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