We move cars, trucks, trailers, boats, ATV’s, UTV’s, motorcycles and anything else with wheels and or an engine.  Historically these items are shipped inside one of our many 53’ trailers, however sometimes we will tow trailers or boats and or I will personally drive your car or truck for you.  With over 200 hands on trips from San Diego-Los Cabos-San Diego, naturally I have a long list of references.

Fees for these services can vary widely based on what you have that needs to be moved.  If you have something we can move with one of our tractor trailers it is usually about week from the time we receive it until it arrives at the other end of the Baja Peninsula as we have shipping and receiving warehouses in Los Cabos, TJ and San Diego.

If you have a boat or trailer that our tractor trailers cannot accommodate and we will need to tow, please give us some lead time for the movement.

If you have a vehicle that can be driven, this by far is the quickest transport option there is.  I can go as far north as BC or Calgary and as far east as Florida or New York.  The Baja is a 2 day drive either direction, leave one morning at the other end the next afternoon.

Obviously we are insured 100% and the suggestion is to contact us for a quick quote and to check our schedule.  We do become busy and will do the best we can to accommodate your time frame.

Current legal registration is required in the shipper’s name along with proof of insurance in the USA, even if it is temporary.

2 thoughts on “VEHICLE SHIPPING

  • We have a quad that we bought in Cabo San Lucas and would like tohave it shipped to Ensenada. Could you please provide me with a quote. Thank you

    • Hello Danielle ! Thanks for contact us ! We will send you an e-mail and ask for more details, so we can quote you correctly.
      Thanks for the opportunity to work with you!

      Todos Santos Office

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