South Dakota Vehicle Registration Procedure

South Dakota Vehicle Registration Procedure


  • Original title of vehicle
  • Copy of driver’s license of person whose name the title will be in.
  • Copy of USA Social Security card or W-@ or 1099 or IRS tax return.
  • This document signed at bottom right:
  • http://www.claycountysd.org/userfiles/files/Treasurer’s%20forms/MV608.pdf

Timing and costs:

Once we have everything the client can pay $150 usd, we will DHL the docs to South Dakota and we will receive a link that we will pass on to the client for them to pay the state on-line.  (If the client prefers, we offer the price of $100 and will not DHL but send them north with our outgoing mail, this option can add 2-3 weeks to the normal 2 week turnaround time, DHL is recommended.)  If it is a car from out of state with no ownership change the fee is based on value that the SD Clay County treasurer’s office determines.

If there is a change of ownership a bill of sale is required and the fee is an addition 4% of sale price to the state of SD.

Once the fee has been paid to the state they will send the new plates and registration to San Diego and then we deliver to the local branch, total turnaround time for this is about 2 weeks.

Roughly 90 days later the new title will arrive at the local branch.

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